Prospecting without selling

Prospecting without selling might seem a strange notion but after reading this article you will understand what I mean.

Prospecting without selling

I have been involved within the internet marketing industry long enough to realize that most people trying to get started and even people growing a business for some time do it mostly out of trial and error and lots of failure while not considering prospecting without selling.

The problem is that they do so many things wrong that the amount of wrong things they do effect the good things they do ensuring that they have little success with them also. Always going after the sale before building any kind of relationship is one of the worst things people do as by understanding that prospecting without selling is really where success starts.

The Solution

Stop doing everything and start thinking…

Start thinking about who your target audience is.

Start thinking how you will expose your business to them in a way that doesn’t come across as you selling a product.

Start thinking how you can connect with your audience and build a relationship.

Start thinking how you can build rapport with your audience in such a way that that you can build a connection of know, Like and Trust.

Start thinking how you can start prospecting without selling.

First Things First

The first thing you have to do is realize that YOU are who your prospects are going to buy into and not your business. So the best way to approach your audience is by promoting YOU to them as your very own personal brand. Think of Coke Cola or McDonald’s.

They have such a big brand awareness that you know exactly who they are. Now think of Any famous person. They have a personal brand. It doesn’t matter what they do because you have already bought into there personal brand.

Turn your Back on your Business

If you can turn your back on your business  and only promote your very own personal brand then your network and audience will grow and attract the right kind of people to you that will buy into you and therefore guide them into your primary business.

Prospecting without selling

Imagine that what i said above and by simply being more of you, promoting you, your success, your knowledge, your love of life you found that people came to you. Then asked how to be successful just like you what do you think they will do when you say “well I can show you what I do if your serious to get started. Are you serious?”

There is more to Prospecting without selling

Of course there is more to it. I have been doing this for years and I learn something new every single day. Learning how to be prospecting without selling was a revelation to me also one of the best things I have learned is spend time educating yourself and learning how to do what successful people do. Surround yourself with people you want to be like and learn from them. Find a mentor to guide and show you where you are going wrong and where you are going right.

I hope you liked this article and found it of value. If you would like to learn more about prospecting without selling simply leave a comment or email me at and I will help you out any way I can.

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rain embrella

Take a step back


I will just let the words flow and hope that they will give some people inspiration and a chance to reflect on there lives and make some changes for the better.

Every now and again we may find ourselves feeling a little down or fed up with the way things are going. Some may find that they are fed up with there boss, there partner or just find themselves stuck in a rut!!!

In the worst case scenario, without attention this can lead to mood swings, Anxiety, Depression, panic attacks or other psychosomatic manifestations. Sometimes we may not understand or even know why we are feeling the way we are feeling.

It was explained to me once that we are all living our lives the best we can with the information we have. Well sometimes we need to add to that information in order to improve our lives and in effect improve our happiness and well-being.

What I have found is that in life you need to take a step back every now and again and review what is going on in your life. Take stock of your failures and accomplishments and realize that with every failure you get information and knowledge that will help you to succeed in the future.

Take a step back and regard where you are in Love and family, Work and debt, stress and happiness. Sometimes we chose to be in the wrong job or the wrong relationship because we are getting a secondary gain from the relationship or situation. Think about what advice you would give to a friend if they where in your shoes.

Where there are parts of your life you would like to change then set a goal. Be realistic. Set achievable milestones that will help you get closer to your goal.

Over the last few months I have been doing some personal housekeeping. Although I set goals regularly I find that every few months I have to have a big sort out with my current goals. decide where my actions could lead me and alter my goals and miles stones accordingly.

 There are always outside influences that can help or hinder your success such as: Illness, Family crisis, local economy, even the weather. Realizing that they are outside you influence can empower you to change your mindset and use these outside influences to your advantage. There is no use worrying about things you can not change. If it rains…sell umbrellas!!

rain embrella

 After said housekeeping I have reduced my workload, reduced my stress and improved my efficiency in several areas. I have re-focused on my goals and took stock of the lessons I have learned and generally feel better about my work and my family balance.

And one last thing; Remember that in life we all have choices. You can choose to be nice or choose to be nasty. You can aim for the stars or live on the beach. Its your choice….Make the right one.


Spam Chat

What is spam chat?

Spam chat is when someone ads you to a chat session in Facebook just to post their opportunity.

People who spam chat are usually new to network marketing and promoting a business opportunity, mlm or investment program. I get  spam chat quite regular. Today I was added to a Facebook chat with 105 other people.  The person started the chat posted there link to get referrals then didn’t post another thing didn’t talk to anyone in the chat session.

spam chat 2

Look at how may people were leaving this spam chat. How well do you think this strategy will work for them?
I would guess not very well. All this will do for them is get there account closed down by Facebook!!! Loosing all there contacts they had worked hard to get.

Facebook can be a great way to get targeted leads and convert them in to customers and team members if you know how to do it which does not include spam chat. lol

Its not rocket science!!!

As well as spam chat I also get ‘Tagged’ in photo’s that have nothing to do with me. Usually a pic of money or a splash page for a new ’100% honest, long term, sustainable using a brand new secret formula’ blah! blah! blah! program that in reality will crash and burn scamming people out of there hard earned cash before you can shout ‘PONZI!’

spam tag

Spam tag and spam chat, Its like getting junk mail through your letter box. I put all of mine straight in the trash. Just like the junk email I get and links on my Facebook wall and requests to events for things I am just not interested in.

junk mail

Well that is my little rant over with for today about spam chat. I will go and get myself a cup of coffee and a biscuit and watch ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’

Until next time

Andy J Foote





Andy Foote

How you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child

How you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child

I believe that you have to Really like and love Yourself or nobody else will. YOu have to look for love within you and around you. Take time to really love your day and your lifestyle.

Loving yourself is the only way to love others. So set out to Love yourself before you try to Love others.
And keep in mind no one’s emotions are more essential than your own, so take a chance to love yourself. For what is the point in trying to love others when you feel pain and heartache because you don’t Love yourself.

Do you know HOW to love yourself?

It is a skill that we have from Nurture and Nature.
If you were not well-loved as a child, or you didn’t have mother and father or other care providers who role-modeled loving themselves, it may be difficult to know what it means to love yourself and very challenging to know how to do it.

So what is Love?

Love is not only a feeling inside, it is an action-word — an activity. Take a second to think about what it means to love a child.

You pay attention to the emotions and be there when they have problems instantly. You check on the child when they are resting, so you know when they need you.
You care for and comfort the child when they need to sleep, or comfort them to make them feel happy and content.

You do all you can to ensure they are healthy in mind and body while you reflect on what is amazing and lovely and loving about the Child.
You let the child know, in many different ways, that he or she is essential to you.
Not only do you encounter passion for the child– you act on it. Now suppose you have a child within you who needs all these same things. Imagine that that inner child is real with real feeling and needs.

And That Inner Child needs Love.

Show me  How  you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child?

Embracing all your emotions and understanding your inner child’s , pain, and a wish to understand what your emotions are informing you. Just as a child’s emotions are informative, allowing you to know that the inner child is starving, alone, actually hurting or unhappy, your emotions are also always informative. Your emotions are allowing you to know whether you are looking after about yourself or walking away from yourself, whether others are being adoring or unloving, whether a scenario is secure or risky, whether you need to be sympathetic with  emotions of heartbreak and sadness.
Learning to take liability for  your emotions, rather than creating others accountable for them.
Start to study your emotions, rather than preventing the agonizing ones by making yourself busy with other thoughts or actions. YOur emotions are there for a reason and you need to understand your emotions in order to process them and finally Love yourself by loving your inner child
Start learning to take loving activity for yourself regarding your psychological and wellness, your economical wellness, your efforts and goals and your communications with others.
Learning to value your real substance — your primary self, rather than interpreting yourself through your looks or performance.
Giving yourself the love that you might be looking for from others, rather than evaluating yourself.
Making your needs just as essential to you as others’ needs. If you do not look out for yourself you will not be whole or well enough to look out for others. Do not fulfill the needs of others while neglecting your own and do not do things just in order to get others’ acceptance. This is not the way life works. You need to know How you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child

Imagine treating yourself in the above way. If you did, would you find love for yourself?

We all have an inner resource of assistance about love. Since so few of us had sufficient heroines regarding adoring ourselves, it’s very essential to convert to your inner role design.

Imagine an mature smarter edition of yourself. Think about that you can ask this mature smarter self, “What would be adoring to me?” in any given scenario. Think about the discussion you would have with your mature smarter you. If you try this, you might be amazed at the knowledge you are able to tap into! This is How you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child.

When you learn How you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child rather than trying to get love from others, you cure loneliness, aloneness and inadequacy. When you love yourself in this way, you become so loaded up with love that you have love to share with others. Discussing love is the most amazing encounter in life, way more satisfying than getting love!

If you have never given yourself a chance to learn How you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child, why not begin now? There is no time like the present to understand to quit walking away from yourself, and understand to love yourself — and then be able to share your love with others by understanding How you love Yourself by loving your Inner Child and sharing this also with the ones you love…

I hope you do begin to look within yourself and consider loving your inner child and so in turn learn to love yourself and share this love and find yourself attracting the love of others.

Learning to Dream

Learning To Dream with Andy Foote

Learning To Dream with Andy Foote

What did you dream of as a child?

“I will be a Truck driver.” “I’m going to be a rock star.” “I want to be an inventor.” “I’ll have my own international company!”

We still have the capability to dream big dreams but for some reason many people only dream while a part of them understands that they are just dreaming and their dreams cannot become real.

Why is thinking so essential anyway? Goals perform a big part in identifying the magnificence or creativity of an interesting life. If we perceive our ceiling to be only 8 foot high then that is all we are likely to achieve. If we dream higher. Maybe to the roof top, or tree top, or to the clouds or outer space or to the end of the ever expanding universe if we fall short we fall above another’s lower envisioned height of an 8 ft ceiling.. Does that make sense?

Where we find that our thinking is restricted to a lower ceiling height we may find we have permitted our dreams to be formed for us, either by others or by our subconscious thoughts. Do you know someone who works within a profession because their mother and father “suggested” it? Do you know someone that remains at a job they dislike just because it will pay the bills?

Try to think about your own lifestyle. How many parts of you and your life do you have to improve until you achieve your imagined height of success? In which areas of your life could you could use an increased desire and a bigger dream to achieve?

Your creativity needs to be used often or it will wither away. In the same way that you keep your heart and lungs healthier by strolling, or your muscle powerful by weight lifting, you need to exercise your desire to dream to keep it fit. But before you can really live your dreams, you need to know what gets in the way.

We all have restricting values. Some we may be conscious of. Others may lie invisible within our inner mind. Check out the following values and ask yourself if any of them seem familiar. Observe how you think about each one. If your whole body responds with stress or worry – quick heart-rate, superficial respiration, chest tightening or solar plexus, etc. – you may have found a restricting perception that has been invisible within you.

  • It’s never been done before so it probably can’t be done.
  • It’s self-centred, or selfish.
  • It’s not religious enough.
  • It’s too dangerous.
  • I don’t have enough cash.
  • I’m not intelligent enough.
  • It will never pay the expenses.
  • I don’t have enough knowledge.
  • I don’t have the qualifications.
  • People will think I’m insane.
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • Some individuals might be hurt if I do it.
  • I might mess it up, or do it wrong.
  • Nothing ever goes right for me.

This is just a little testing of the restricting values available for our use. There are a large number of them, and a large number of modifications. Whatever they sound like, whatever type they take, whatever particular terms they use, restricting values have but one objective and that is to keep you restricted, to stop you from dreaming big.

So how could it be possible to motivate you to let go of those restrictive values and allow yourself to think about the greatest dream that you are truly capable of? What if we could let go of all the “yeah but” responses our subconscious puts in our heads.

Could you let yourself move back in time to that uninhibited thinking capability you had as a kid and as you remember then find yourself able to imagine a dream that you would love to live. One you can start to imagine and dream then you will start to be able to replenish the thinking skills required and exercise them.

 Your Future Dream Life

Take a moment and get into your dream-world to think about your life in 5-years? Let go of the rationalizations. Keep in thoughts, you’re thinking, reaching into your creativity, developing a perspective of your ideal lifestyle.

So if you want to dream yourself into an idyllic island, don’t worry about how much it will cost or where the cash will come from. If you want to dream yourself into a new profession, don’t worry about your absence to train and learning, or your age, or a recession.

If you want to dream yourself into the best relationship, don’t worry that you are currently single. You are visualizing, thinking, visioning. Let go of restrictions, worries concerns. Let go of restricting values. Have fun. Play!

Your future is important to you. By all means live in the now but planning for the future ensures that the now you are living in is the best now you imagined in your past through Dreaming and turning them dreams into reality.

If you’re trapped, some questions to ask about your Life five decades from now are: Where am I living? What is my vocation? Am I married? Do I have children? What type of car do I drive? What is my wellness like? What do I do for fun? Where do I travel? How will I live?

Incorporate feelings and emotions into your future thinking and Dreaming to bring a further sense of reality. In five-years, how do you feel when you wake up in the morning? How do you feel when you start getting ready for your perfect job, enjoying, traveling.

As you experience your dream life, you may begin to get glimpses of what this ideal lifestyle looks like. If so, let yourself move further into those glimpses. Let yourself discover the moments that are lit up in your creativity.

Another technique you can try is to think about another person’s ideal lifestyle. You can dream an ideal life for your friend, or child, or a partner. You can also try dreaming the best lifestyle for an imaginary person. Becoming the creator of life. Ensure it is a really luscious life! What would their desire lifestyle look like 5- decades from now?

Take a moment to think about this and then after some time consider that it’s likely that parts of this make believe life you made are what you would like to have in your own life.

Discussing this with others, friends, partner etc. can really get your imagination going and creating dreams effortlessly.

Take a while to imagine life of excellence in the future. Keep the interpretation out so you can add to it, modify it, allow it to develop and transform as you immerse yourself more completely into your capability to dream big. But keep your dreams wants and desires to yourself, at least for now.

As you learn to imagine dreams for your future your subconscious will help you be attracted to the knowledge, understanding, skills and resources you will need to bring your present life closer to your Dream Life.

Try it. You will be amazed at the results…. Just as I am…

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Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three

Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three

Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three


Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three

Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three is only an introduction to the skills we teach future leaders within the internet marketing industry.

Watch the Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three Video above and start putting it into practice.

Please feel free to contact me about Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three

Visit my FB Page and like it to learn more about me, my team, and how we use the training and tools of POTTT to be top of our game in internet marketing. Message me and i will help you out :)

You can also like follow me and the Power of Three Times Three on youtube and check out my other videos

Ninja Networking with the Power of Three Times Three


Awesome Love

Awesome Love

“Awesome Love” A Little Phrase … But this Phrase has the Power to encircle The Globe. It’s an Excellent Feeling To Be In ”Awesome Love” A Little Phrase … But This Phrase Has The Power To encircle The Globe. It’s an excellent feeling to be In awesome love.

The Question “Have You Ever Been In ‘Awesome Love’ Before?”

Some Would Say Yes to It and some No. The people who are in awesome love have the most Awesome life to live as they are The Most important Person in the world to their awesome love. They complete each other…

The journey Of “Awesome Love” Is like the journey of a way of life. If you don’t stop living your life why you should stop Loving?

Love can be described as the relationship between two individual who come together and don’t falter, but stay together by ‘Their Wish’. People may say that it was because of awesome love That Adam and Eve arrived on this world. But In contemporary world awesome love has got a different significance. Some Say awesome love is a Lust. And Some Say awesome love Is Life!!

I say there are two types of love

I, There is a lust love were you feel love in your bones, in your soul. You lust for your love and want to consummate it at the slightest possibility of intimacy.
ii, A chosen love. This is where you chose the person you love and know deep down inside that your partner will be the partner that you have chosen to be with, to comfort, support and love for the rest of your life.

Both types of love may wax and wane during a relationship but once you have succumbed totally to the chosen love you will never fall out of love.

Lust can come and go. But your partner will always be your chosen awesome love until the end of your time on this planet. And when you realise this and share this type of love you will know deep down that no matter what happens you will have a companion, confident and lover for the rest of your life as you realise that this is awesome love

Awesome love is a force of Nature

“Love is like lightening. It can strike at any time in any place but you usually have a feeling that a storm is brewing. A sense of excitement and foreboding. Love can hit with the force of a train or trickle into your life like a twinkling stream that grows into a torrent when the full force of nature explodes love into your life.

Love Is Living In The Feeling Rather Than Living Off The Feeling. “Life Is Beautiful”. Your life can Becomes Awesome Because Of awesome love … Nowadays Also Some People Say awesome love Is The Most Common Aspect. One can believe the simple reality upon this if that awesome love is real and affordable On Both sides. The sky is The Limit for awesome love … One cannot know the limit of the sky in the same way One cannot know the limit of true awesome love. Awesome love is not secured by anyone, awesome love is the Awesome Current given By One Individual to Other. Just like lightening it is natural and will move from heaven to earth at the speed of light just as love travels from emotion to feeling to thoughts of passion and finally to companionship and awesome love for life.

Love has no Restrictions to be bound by. It’s a Wonderful Feeling, It’s a Walk Through Heaven. One who lives his life for awesome love and dies in awesome love Is The Most Fortunate Individual. Awesome love is the value of ones way of life. The individual In awesome love is the richest individual because he has got the most useful possession which even the richest individual on planet has not got unless they too have awesome love.

There Are Explanations In favour of awesome love and against awesome love.
In a Contemporary, Modern, impressive, technological and fast paced world people say they don’t have time to fall into awesome love. But They Don’t Know that one doesn’t Fall In awesome love, instead they grow into awesome love over time. With the assistance of awesome love one can win any Battle in his life. Just ask the one person who is in awesome love “What is the meaning of life”? The reaction will be the meaning of life is awesome love, and awesome love is what life is all about. There are some Inadequate aspects In awesome love but who the devil prefers you.. Just keep on loving… Because awesome love is the Whole truth and nothing but the Truth……..

When an individual whom you really love declines you, don’t be frustrated because you are losing a person who never liked you but that person has lost the one who truly liked them…..

Awesome Love

But what Is Awesome Love???? Those who have never had it do not know what it is. Those who have awesome love can never forget it. And those who know it will always live with awesome love within them.

Some Say that the fear of losing awesome love is the driving force to making a relationship a success. Some say that finding awesome love is the greatest treasure of all. It’s common to see awesome love as a goal, but It Is not just a goal. The pursuit of awesome love is a yearning for that lustful love and that chosen love combined in a blissful relationship of Awesome Love that spans a lifetime.

In the end, awesome love is what can be felt but can’t be explained. Awesome Love can be given but not sold. Awesome Love comes not when you don’t need it. Awesome love does not come when you command it. For Awesome Love comes to you when you need it the Most!!!



Spiced Pork and Ham - a Poem by Andy J Foote

SPAM: Spiced Pork and Ham – A poem by Andrew John Foote

Spiced Pork and Ham

A poem by Andrew John Foote

Spam hits your inbox and it’s right in your face

The way they do this is a bloody disgrace

You wonder just why they’re sending this crap

Getting drawn to their link with a left finger tap


Start reading the copy and scam springs to mind

Just spend five dollars and get thousands in hand

Just get ten in and fire your boss

Maybe this thing isn’t such a dead loss


Six months in your bank balance is dire

Lost so much money and become a liar

Looked for a quick hit of cash in your bank

You have that first bloody email to thank


All the Guru’s are conmen and just want you cash

You decide network marketing is a volatile mess

So many just want to scam all your money

So many run off it just isn’t funny


Eight months in and drowning in pain

A message received from a guy with a name

So you add your new  friend it’s another prospect

You give him your link but it’s what he expects


Doing these things you strived for success

Not knowing that you are just spreading distress

Pushing your biz onto those you call friends

Who block you and leave you to your own scamming ends


So after some time finding this guy is real

He asks about family and asks how you feel

You explain what you do and what makes you tick

He agrees that this stuff can make you feel sick


So as the bond forms and your trust in him rises

You find that this guy is full of surprises

Showing you things that really do work

You realise now you have just been a jerk


Happy right now to follow his lead

You learn the right skills and your success starts to breed

Falling into his company and earning some money

Looking back now you find it quite funny


All of the stress, lost time and lost cash

Following a dream that turned into a mess.

Finding this guy who showed you the way.

You can’t thank him enough for sharing that day


A leader become and a following too

Attracting the leads ‘cos you now know what to do

Converting to sales with skill is a breeze

By helping out others to get what they need


Giving your knowledge to your team is the trick

Delighted to show them just how you tick

As your followers become leaders you raise up your had

You agree to the Gods that you’re in high demand


Family life is amazing and healthy

Your bank balance rising seeing you wealthy

Your Life’s so much better than it’s ever been

With a smile you can say you are living the dream…


Start living your dream with Andy J Foote

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Developing a Personal Branding Online

Developing a Personal Branding Online

Developing a Personal Branding Online

Developing a Personal Branding Onli


Developing a Personal Branding Online is one of the most important things to do when it comes to building a successful online network marketing business.

Developing a Personal Branding Online

All through our lives we are being branded and labelled, fool, clever, boring, bossy, and of all the labels or branding people give us few create positive impression.

We all have a personal brand whether we recognize it or not. In life, if we don’t brand ourselves then someone else will.

We know all too well how important marketing is to the achievements of any business but how often do we consider the aspect that marketing achieves when we promote ourselves.

It is our values, concepts and our self-image that generates one’s own brand.

People who have followed me will have heard this quote before.

“You are the most influential person in your like. You want a better life? Then you need a better you.”

I usually connect this quote with personal development but what is Personal Branding if not a way of giving yourself an image of being

  • Honest
  • Knowledgeable
  • a leader
  • an entrepreneur
  • Effective Communicator
  • Trustworthy
  • A Motivator
  • Consistent
  • Able to Take Responsibility
  • Organized
  • Able to listen to advice.

And the only way to portray an image of yourself to show these qualities is to have them. Remember that actions speak louder than words….

Taking the time to think about how you would like others to see and imagine you and consciously giving yourself a personal brand could the difference between people believing that you are a failure or success, the difference between being seen as a follower or a leader, the difference between being seen as spinner of tales or an honest consciences person.

Take a moment to consider and ask yourself the following questions

  • What can you do to be seen as a leader?
  • What image do you want to project?
  • What do you need to be seen doing?

Failure to answer and recognize and develop these impacts our capability to attract interest, distinguish ourselves from our competitors and enhance and market ourselves successfully.

To encounter the biggest achievements and be rewarded in your success consider creating right now a unique brand called YOU!

Recognize your exclusive values

Like any good marketing strategy, you want to start with what makes your products or services exclusive. In this situation, the product is you. Keep in mind that you are unique – there is no one else quite like you. What do you stand for? What are your beliefs? Jot down several key terms or words that best explains your exclusive concepts including your key attributes: Recognize your key strengths/talents in a few key terms or words and build them into your personal brand.

Now Start Developing a Personal Branding Online

Evaluate your unique concepts and key features and from those keywords begin to build up your own brand statement in couple of phrases. This personal brand symbolizes your own exclusive guarantee of value and is unique to you and only you. Telling your story of failure and success can help people understand the person you are today by the understanding the person you were in the past.

Could you show people that you are:-

Conscientious – I think about what I do and how it affects others,

Compassionate and empathic – Willing to help others with their problems

Passionate with Drive – in my role and achieving my goals

Knowledgeable, a problem solver – If I don’t know something I go and find out the answers

A leader, an action taker, an achiever – I have dreams, goals and plans and I implement them

Do these qualities show in your Personal Brand that you have built for yourself and that others perception of you are such?

Connect your brand

Research has shown that our overall look represents 55% of impacting power when meeting someone for the first time, while 38% comes from overall tone of voice/behaviour. The words we talk account for 7%. Although 7% may not seem high, it still has impacting power upon first impressions.

Therefore representing yourself in a way that aligns with your personal brand is so very important. If your personal brand represents compassion and creativeness, for example, then your demeanour should indicate those key components also.

Integrate your personal brand into everything that you do

Since your personal brand is the substance of you, incorporate it into all of your printed and social presence. Create it as an aspect of your networking and other features. Connect your brand statement in the way you work and in your own vision.

Observe your Appearance

If the picture you are projecting is not an immediate representation of your own personal brand, you are doing yourself and others a disservice. Consider your own image as the packaging of your own brand. For YOU are now the item and your products or personal brand will either entice or take away from your product.

Examine your own behaviour

Packaging your brand contains not only your overall look but what you do. Do you respond to calls, notifications, messages or e-mails promptly? Do you do what you promise? Although it may seem apparent, but do not stretch your resources too thinly. Providing a good service to a few is better than providing a bad service to many which will have a negative effect on Developing a Personal Branding Online

Assess regularly how you are developing a Personal Branding Online

Making an appointment with yourself every month to re-evaluate how you are Developing a Personal Branding Online will help you keep it fresh and current. If your exclusive concepts and key features have gone through changes, compare those changes with your own Personal Brand and modify as required. By evaluating your own brand consistently, you are also confirming that you’re on-track and remaining real to your true self.

Take pride in Developing a Personal Brand

Many individuals can complain that they don’t have enough cash, or time, to spend cash on themselves (or their brands). Here’s a fact, no brand is efficient without making a financial commitment. Remain enthusiastic about the achievements of your brand by paying interest to how your brand is being obtained and look for opportunities to tell others about your brand. The more relaxed you become with your brand the higher your possibilities are of gaining brand interest.

Conclusion to Develop a Personal Brand Online

Developing a Personal Branding Online takes time and dedication. You must do the things you need to do each day to remind others as well as yourself what your personal brand is and how you as a brand are what others need to connect with in order to reach their goals….

Get Help Developing a Personal Branding Online

Check out my video on inner-vision-for-empowered-success and If you want some help with developing a personal brand online simply follow this link and get plugged in to the Power of Three Times Three Live training right now…


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